Burger time: Hall and Woodhouse, Bath

Having finished my summer internship, I’ve decided to have a few weeks off before I start searching for a full time job, and am making the most of my free time by visiting friends across the UK. After a weekend in Poole and a day in London, I headed off to the West Country to the beautiful city of Bath.

Having grown up in Oxford I’ve become spoiled by beautiful architecture and stunning views, but Bath made me question my age old belief that Oxford is the most beautiful city in the world. Each cobbled street looked like it’d come straight out of a film, with the unbelievable views up the Royal Crescent and a plethora of interesting shops and cafes tucked down every side street.

For lunch we decided on Hall and Woodhouse. Bekah, my tour guide for the day, had heard good things about it and they were well-deserved words. Walking in, the pantry was every Instagrammers idea of heaven, with pop art influenced shelving units filled with Heinz Ketchup or Lyle’s syrup and so on. We headed up the stairs to the restaurant, which was the epitome of shabby chic and totally gorgeous.

After a perusal of the menu we made our choices. I toyed with the idea of a super food salad, attempting to be healthy, but in the end went for the falafel and halloumi burger, which was the right choice.

Over the past few months I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s the brioche bun that really makes or breaks a burger. Now this might be a controversial view, as surely it should be the meat patty that first and foremost comes under consideration, but as a vegetarian I really believe that it’s the bun that decides it for a veggie burger. Hall and Woodhouse didn’t disappoint. Their brioche bun was soft, not too sweet (I had a bun the other day which tasted more like a breakfast pastry than something to hold a burger) and lightly toasted.

The burger itself was excellent, with the perfect amount of coriander in the falafel. What really made it was the gorgeous humus that was spread on one side of the brioche bun, and the perfectly cooked halloumi. Served with a side of chips, it was a huge lunch (which I obviously devoured at a rapid speed), but at around £12 it was a steal. I only wish we’d headed up another floor to check out The Roof Terrace, which boasts stunning views over Bath; though I guess that’s an excuse to go back!

I’d definitely recommend trying Hall and Woodhouse if you’re ever passing through Bath. It’s so reasonably priced and an absolute delight of a venue.

Have any of you ever been to Hall and Woodhouse? And where else would you recommend I try to eat in Bath?


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