My love affair with Nike Run

With a self-diagnosed allergy to exercise, sports and healthy eating are never top of my to do list. This is something I’ve really tried to change over the past 18 months. I’ll have weeks where I go to the gym four times, but then don’t go again for a month, and use excuses like “but it’s raining” to avoid going for a run (and also avoid leaving the house to go to the gym, which is inside, go figure). But at the beginning of 2015 I decided this had to change. I’d heard a few friends speak about some running apps they have for their phones, and thus, my exploration into fitness apps started.

I tried a lot; food trackers and a plethora of 30 day work out apps; but it was the one I downloaded first that has been the one I’ve stuck with for the past five or so months. There’s a reason that people hear about Nike Run, and that’s because it just works.

I hate running; like, really, really hate running. I know, deep down, it’s good for me, but still. What if people see me when I’m all red and sweaty running slower than a snail stuck in glue?

But, I am incredibly competitive, and get easily addicted to mobile phone games. This is why Nike Run makes me almost look forward to going for runs. It tracks everything; how fast you run during the run (showing where you sped up and slowed down), your quickest mile and so on, and then compares all the data to your previous runs. I’m obsessed with trying to beat my personal bests, and pushing myself that bit more, so the Nike Run app has become a staple in my fitness routine.

With a lot of free time on my hands post-graduation about six weeks ago I decided to take up running properly. For me, it helped me to have a goal in site so I signed up for a 10k in September (and told people that I had) giving me no to avoid lacing up my trainers and braving the outside. Nike Run has been alongside me throughout the entirety of my training, and has been invaluable in tracking my progress.

If you’re just starting out running I cannot recommend Nike Run enough; it’s easy to use and intuitive, and most importantly it’ll make you want to get out there and beat your own personal bests.

Let me know, do you use Nike Run? And what other fitness apps should I be checking out?


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