Bestival 2015: Anna Mae's Mac N Cheese

Monday afternoon at 1pm I began my epic trek back from Bestival on the Isle of Wight. I say epic, as it involved ferries being booked on the wrong day, hours of waiting in traffic and a traumatic incident with a frog (check your wellies before you put your feet in them, people); but even the long slog home didn’t diminish the affection I have for Bestival 2015, which truly is what the name says: the best festival I’ve ever been to. Although there was a killer musical lineup (particular highlights were Chemical Brothers, BBK and Tame Impala), Bestival well and truly focuses on the festival experience. Where else would you find a towering Lovebot or be able to wander around in the ambient forest until the early hours of the morning?

However, as much as I love a good festival, anybody who knows me will know that my true first love in life is good food. Over the past five years, festival food has improved to no end. I remember the days of over priced dodgy burgers, and next to no veggie options I used to experience at Reading Fest, but the demand for festival food that’s actually appetising means you can now get a half decent meal whilst on site, if you know where to go. And for me, the place to go is Anna Mae’s.

Anna Mae’s are now a staple on the festival scene. I first sampled the true perfection that is their Mac N Cheese at the Big Feastival, and as soon as I realised that they were at Bestival I dragged everybody I could down to their stall.

Working seven hour shifts each day left me ravenous, so I found myself popping down to Anne Mae’s truck far more than I probably should (do I regret only eating mac n cheese on Sunday? Absolutely not.) But for decent priced, delicious festival food you just can’t beat it. Made fresh on site, their cheese sauce is perfection, and you can choose to either have it plain (my preference!) or with a variety of toppings like bacon or jalapenos. The creamy goodness will keep you going throughout the whole day, or power you through the rough mornings when you might have drunk slightly too much the night before.

Although festival season is now over, you can still catch Anna Mae’s at various events around the country (you can see the list on their website: so make sure you visit their truck if you’re at an event they’re at; and they’ve just launched a cookery book which I cannot wait to get my mitts on so I can start to recreate their divine concoctions at home.

Have you ever tried Anna Mae’s?


  1. I haven't but I love mac n cheese!! I need to track it down!
    Have a lovely day :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose’s Rooftop

  2. I've never been to festival before, the idea was always quite a daunting one but I definitely feel like I am missing out. Bestival sounds amazing & now I feel like I need to track now Anna Mae's mac n cheese x

    Beauty with charm

  3. I never heard of Anna Marie but sounds interesting
    What a great week ahead

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  4. Sounds interesting...good post..