Musings on my first 10km

It’s now been almost two weeks since I ran my first ever 10km, something I still can’t believe I managed to do. Having had a self-diagnosed allergy to exercise ever since I started skiving PE lessons age 13, it was a huge achievement; and having been suffering with post university blues for the past few months it was a huge reminder that I can achieve amazing things if I set my mind to it (cheesy I know, forgive me!)

I only really started running three months ago, but it quickly became a huge part of my routine. For three years I used uni work as a reason to not lace up my trainers, but post-graduation I could no longer use my trusty excuse so decided it was about time to download Nike Run (which soon became my new bff) and get running.

For anybody who’s thinking about starting up running I couldn’t recommend it enough. I find it’s the perfect way to clear my mind, as it gives me an hour to just focus on myself and whatever needs doing, and it’s the best way to get fit on a budget (no way was I paying £80 per month for a gym!) Post-uni it gave me something to focus on, especially once I signed up for my 10km, so if you need a distraction or find yourself with some extra time you don’t know how to fill why not give it ago.

I am by no means an expert, but I’ve put together a few tips for anybody who is starting to think about going running. Most importantly though, just do it! Get outside or onto the treadmill and just run, even if it’s only for a few minutes. You’ll be able to build up the distance in no time and you might even find that you enjoy it!

  1. Download Nike Run. It tracks exactly where you go, means you can connect with friends and can try and smash personal bests. For more reasons why you can read my love letter to Nike Run here.
  2.  Push yourself, but not too hard. If you’ve never run before it’s highly unlikely you’ll be able to just go out and run a marathon. Yes, push yourself to run further each time, but within reason.
  3. Invest in proper running shoes. If you’re serious about running it’s worth thinking about buying a proper pair of running shoes. I went to my local running shop and they made me sprint about the store so they could see which shoes fitted best and worked with the way I ran. It was all hideously embarrassing – but so worth it as my Nike Zoom Pegasus 32 fit perfectly.
  4. Don’t compare yourself. I have friends who can just get up and run half marathons, and to start I couldn’t even run for five minutes. Go at your own pace, stop if you need to and don’t worry about not being able to run like Usain Bolt.

My next challenge is either going to be a Tough Mudder or a half marathon at some point next year, which is terrifying but also an exciting prospect!

Do any of you go running? What tips would you give to those just starting out?



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